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Let’s Talk Toxins: Removing toxins and chemicals that are harming your health

Are the unnatural chemicals and toxins in your favorite household products, cosmetics and perfumes jeopardizing your health?

Protecting your health is completely up to you. Many of the trusted products consumers use daily contain harmful ingredients that we often inhale, put on our skin or eat that are completely unregulated. One would assume that it would be possible to shop products and trust the labels to be safe, natural and free of toxins creating major health risks, but that is not the case. Europe, in comparison has thousands of products that are highly regulated or labeled as unsafe to use that flood America’s shelves in stores and at home every day.

Simply put, our bodies are not equipped to help us face the chronic exposure to unnatural toxins and stressors that are wreaking havoc on our health. The harmful chemicals in commonly used household products result in symptoms that most causally write off as fatigue, effects or aging or consequences of maintaining a high stress lifestyle. We discount the signals and warning signs the body sends despite the fact that those unnatural stressors play a role in the development of cancers, autoimmune disease, asthma, neurological disease, fertility issues and more!

It is more important than ever to take control of your health. Removing as many damaging influences as possible and replacing them with a more natural, simple alternative is a great start to protecting your health and wellness. Below are trustworthy guidelines to follow while you navigate the toxins in your life and work to replace them!

  1. Air on the side of caution. If a product or medicine is not proven safe, don’t take the risk! Use an app such as “Healthy Living” to quickly scan your current household products and learn more about their ingredients and safety.
  2. Avoid GMO’s in everything you eat! The cells in your body are easily influenced by their environment, and that environment is the deciding factor between the disease genes in your body getting turned on, or staying in the “off” position. As a result, stressors such as poor diet, toxins and harmful chemicals will create a terrible environment and potential breeding ground for health risks. The direct correlation between the influx of unregulated products in the marketplace and the skyrocketing number of autoimmune, asthma and autism cases is no coincidence.
  3. Educate yourself often on endocrine disrupting chemicals. These can be found in commonly purchased self-care or cleaning products and can challenge hormone function. Knowledge is power!
  4. Avoid the bandwagon. Disregard what your peers are doing and make choices that serve the health and wellness of you and your family. As long as consumers continue to feed the market demand for such products, the only chance to create change is up to you.
  5. Focus on the small, productive things you can do right away. Over time you will eventually transform some of your food, products and cosmetics to be free of unnatural, unregulated and unsafe ingredients keeping you from a lifetime of health and wellness.


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