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Everything You Need To Know About Essential Oils

Allow me to introduce to you the most powerful products on the planet. Essential oils and other similar products are not only the newest addition to my supplement, self-care and vitamin routines, but also have completely replaced everything I used to use before. The information below is a complete introduction to essential oils including the benefits, common uses, facts and the scientific research explaining the ways essential oils can change your life, starting with my own experiences!


Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds that are distilled from plants (bark, flower, seeds, roots, leaves, etc.) Essential oils harness the protective, immune-strengthening and regenerating properties inherent to each plant. Additionally, they are highly concentrated and 50-70 times more powerful than herbs.

Example: 1 drop of peppermint oil holds similar benefits as 28 cups of peppermint tea


Let’s compare Essential oils to other products and remedies commonly found in a medicine cabinet! I used to have a cabinet FULL of vitamins, minerals, and capsules for a million different things. These oils allowed me to streamline everything, not to mention they work 100 x better and are less expensive in the long run! For reference, Essential oils provide superior care, treatment and recovery solutions using methods that are 100% plant-based and natural. The quality and purity of essential oils are completely unmatched by any other product while providing superior results and benefits than other commonly used products. The information below explains the comparison of Essential oils to other commonly purchased remedies. I am currently using vitamins, minerals and both single oils and blends on a daily basis, and will never go back for these reasons!

  • Fillers and synthetics in other products will increase the chance of reactions and sensitivities while essential oils will not
  • Essential oils come from plants are grown in their native environment to ensure the highest level of quality and purity unlike other products
  • Not all essential oils are the same! Many companies add fillers or use a process (high temps and pressure) completely eliminating the desired therapeutic effects to reduce the cost of production


Here is the short version of the science behind how Essential oils interact with the body on a cellular level and why they are so much more effective than other remedies.

  • Essential oils are small in molecular size and lipid soluble, allowing them to quickly penetrate the skin and the cell membrane
  • Because essential oils are small and lipophilic, they rapidly penetrate the cell membranes
  • Oils are able to pass through the blood brain barrier and interact with neurotransmitter receptors including glycine, dopamine and serotonin
  • Once the oils pass through the skin they are distributed into the circulatory system without being compromised. That is why the benefits and effects of essential oils are astronomically higher in comparison to other products or remedies


The list below introduces the most common ways to use Essential oils in your daily life. Car air fresheners, hand sanitizer, bath/beauty products and even “roll on fragrance tubes” for those “on the go” are also available for purchase! I am currently using all three uses on a daily basis depending on my goals and needs that day.

Essential oils can be used aromatically, diffused or via inhalation:

When Essential oils are inhaled they pass through the (Limbic) system which is responsible for connecting memory, smell and emotion. I use my diffuser in the morning to uplift my mood and energy (Typically eucalyptus or peppermint), in my office for productivity and stress management (a citrus blend with lemon, etc) and in the evenings to ensure quality sleep, relaxation, or the at home spa experience I was dying for that day! My nightly relaxation oils are Lavender, Serenity, and Frankincense. 

Essential oils can be applied topically:

Essential oils can be applied topically to the skin for use. The fastest absorption with topical use is though the feet, back of ears and wrist.  I have used peppermint topically for both headaches, nausea and upset stomach. It worked better (and faster) than anything else I have ever used in my life. 

Essential oils can be used internally:

Sublingual application (a drop on the tongue) or adding essential oils to water is the most effective way to get the oils into the bloodstream. I have done this with “On Guard,” an immune boosting oil and Lemon for powerful detoxification. The options and uses here are truly endless!


Below is a small (and incomplete) list of Essential oil facts that you don’t want to miss! This information played a huge roll in my decision to implement Essential oils in my own life and share them with my family and friends!

  • Hundreds of medical facilities are using essential oils to augment, replace, or enhance traditional therapies and pharmacological interventions
  • Research has proven use of essential oils yields positive effects on neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Certain oils have proven to suppress tumor progression while also containing anticancer properties
  • Essential oils can penetrate every cell in the body within 20 minutes and then metabolize like other nutrients
  • Other remedies or products drastically reduce in potency and effectiveness once ingested. They also leave your body within hours, unlike essential oils
  • Using essential oils daily or in small doses provides maximize benefit and results
  • Inhalation or topically applying Essential oils is similar to an IV injection in terms of how quickly it will penetrate the cells


Just a FEW reasons why millions of people have switched to Essential Oils!

  • Improve sleep, insomnia and other sleep disorders/symptoms of fatigue
  • Improve  metabolic health and supports weight loss goals
  • Improve symptoms of common mood disorders including seasonal affect, anxiety, depression
  • Improve and enhance daily mood, stress and overall energy levels
  • Improves mental performance and symptoms of attention disorders including ADHD
  • Enhance athletic performance while also providing joint/muscle support, injury prevention/remedies and the perfect supplementation used by athletes worldwide
  • Improve and support gut health, immune health, thyroid function and even adrenal fatigue
  • Reduce pain, feelings of discomfort and physical ailments including nausea, etc.
  • Proven healing powers including cancer, tumor suppression and more
  • Manage and improve even the worst symptoms pertaining to women’s health including menopause, fertility, hormone imbalances/fluctuations, menstrual cycles and other commonly experienced symptoms

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